max nordile: vocals and instruments / erin allen: vocals, instruments & programs

Log me out: From the wilds of kaleidoscope’s poetry corner arrives, Baby?. Representing the debut album (multi tracked in a forlorn hipster warehouse)--cowbell, is just learned and heavily present. Jane Kim, director of this video and former collaborator with members of Baby?, provides a sprawling collage of walk and play. If only an afternoon’s gaze at this unfurled/unbriddled first spill from “Baby Laugh // Baby Cry” out soon on the Post Present Medium label. “Yr software is not my enemy.”


03.08.22 _ After much delay the album "Baby Laugh/Baby Cry" will be out April of this year.

04.11.21 _ "Baby Laugh/Baby Cry" slated to be released by Post Present Medium on Vinyl LP format by late 2021. Album is sequenced and mastered. We are doing the final touches on the visuals that we be accompanying the album hopefully within the week! Stay Safe!

10.17.20 _ Resuming final recordings for Baby Laugh / Baby Cry sessions this next tue . We have an elevator pitch. Will post soon. Stay safe & well please.

05.05.20 _ Currently constructing and doing overdubs for our full length album. Stay safe and healthy


9.18.19 _ Unamatrix Zero, Oakland CA. with Dingbat Supermix & Lily And Horn Horse. 8PM $7 NOTAFLOF NOBYOB




more info tba